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The following resources are from NLM, NNLM, and All of Us that can be used by subawardees and partner libraries to engage with your community about digital literacy, health literacy, and the NIH All of Us Research Program.

Need a resource not on this page? Contact us at LIB-NAPCengage@uiowa.edu for assistance.

Creating your own resources

Organizations are welcome to use and adapt any of the following resources to meet the digital and health literacy needs of their community. Any use of these resources should be properly cited.

In accordance with NLM’s Logo Policy, you may not use the NIH, NLM, NNLM, or All of Us logos on any created materials.

For any published, original materials created using NNLM All of Us funds should include the following funding statement:

This resource is funded by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Cooperative Agreement Number U24LM014070 with the University of Iowa, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, and the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System.

Programming during COVID-19

NNLM COVID-19 webinar playlist: NNLM webinar recordings on a variety of COVID-19 topics. Several webinars include how to conduce outreach and programs to various audiences during the pandemic.

Digital and Health Literacy Activities

Teaching basic digital or health literacy skills in your community? Use and adapt our learning activities for your programs! See more activities on our Health Activities page.

  • Learn Internet Skills: Short learning modules on how to get a free email address, avoid phishing scams, and finding reliable health information online. In English and Spanish
  • How to Judge a Health Claim: Heard about the latest “miracle cure” on the news? Use these activities to learn how to effectively judge health claims and build health literacy skills.
  • Digital Health Literacy Curriculum: Presentation slides, script, and handouts about how to use the Internet to find reliable, accurate health information.
  • COVID-19 Memory Game: Play an online matching game about health and COVID-19, co-created with the National Alliance for Hispanic Health. In English and Spanish.


MedlinePlus is NLM’s free consumer health database. Share articles, videos, and more about health topics of interest in your community. This is a great resource to highlight on your organization’s website, social media, and during programs. There is also a MedlinePlus magazine in English and Spanish.

MedlinePlus (English)

MedlinePlus (Spanish)

  • Documentos de lectura fácil (Easy-to-Read Information)
  • Enciclopedia médica (Medical Encyclopedia): La Enciclopedia Ilustrada de Salud (Health Illustrated Encyclopedia) de A.D.A.M. incluye más de 4.000 artículos acerca de enfermedades, exámenes, síntomas, lesiones y procedimientos quirúrgicos
  • Medicina, hierbas, y suplementos (Drugs, Herbs, and Supplements): Hojee información sobre suplementos dietarios y hierbas para aprender sobre su efectividad, dosis e interacciones con otras medicinas.
  • Videos y multimedia (Videos and multimedia): Vea videos de temas de salud como anatomía y procedimientos quirúrgicos. Desafíe su conocimiento con los tutoriales interactivos y juegos. Controle su salud usando calculadoras y cuestionarios.
  • Cómo entender la genética: Una introducción a temas fundamentales sobre la genética humana, incluyendo ilustraciones y explicaciones básicas de conceptos de genética.

Print and Social Media

All of Us Resources

Use these resources to build awareness about the All of Us Research Program in your community. These resources can be used actively in your programs and passively as handouts or social media posts.

  • All of Us website (English): JoinAllofUs.org/nlm
  • All of Us website (Spanish): JoinAllofUs.org/bnm
  • All of Us Virus and Vaccines website: virusinfo.joinallofus.org
    • Easy to use, informative website about the biology of viruses and how vaccines can help stop the spread of different viruses.
  • All of Us Activities: Share these mobile-friendly activities with your community to learn about their health and how lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors can affect people.
  • See more shareable resources from All of Us


These short videos about All of Us can be shared online or during events. They are an easy-to-use way to bring awareness of the program to your community.


Interested in having All of Us present at a future program? You can request a Virtual Ambassador to give an online presentation about the program and how to participate. Contact us at LIB-NAPCengage@uiowa.edu for more information about guest speakers.”

Print Materials

Print and use these materials for events, display, or program activities. Materials are available in English, with some also available in Spanish and other languages.

NNLM Trainings

Want to learn more about how to use NLM resources and support your community’s health literacy needs? Check out NNLM’s free trainings – all you need is a free account to enroll. Suggested courses include:

  • Introduction to Health Reference: Learn how to conduct a health reference interview using ethical and effective communication strategies in this 4 credit-hour, on-demand, online class.
  • MedlinePlus Tutorial: This interactive, narrated tutorial provides a tour of the MedlinePlus website and explains why MedlinePlus is a trusted reference when answering health information questions.
  • Consumer Health Collection Development: This 4 credit-hour, on-demand class reviews collection management principles and resources for health-related collections in public libraries.
  • Health literacy on demand: This basic course introduces health literacy and relevant resources.
  • Assessing Health Materials on Demand: This on-demand class is designed for anyone who creates health education materials or selects health materials to provide to consumers.

NLM Resources

ClinicalTrials.gov: Learn About Clinical Studies – Quick reference guide to answer basic questions about clinical research and how a study is done.

NLM Exhibits Program: The NLM offers a variety of virtual and traveling exhibits to help libraries and communities learn about public health and the importance of diversity in biomedical research. Exhibits often include programming ideas. Some suggested exhibits include:


Social Media Accounts

Follow and share posts from our social media accounts to share health information and All of Us.

NNLM All of Us National Program

All of Us Research Program

MedlinePlus in Spanish

MedlinePlus in English

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