Genomics: A Revolution in Health and Disease Discovery

As part of the DNA Day celebration, join us for a conversation or host your own activity at your library with our ready-to-use Reading Club Kit. DNA Day commemorates the discovery of DNA's double helix in 1953 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003.


Author Talk Event

Join us for a virtual conversation with Whitney Stewart and Hans C. Andersson, MD, authors of Genomics: A Revolution in Health and Disease Discovery (Genomics). They will be joined by genetic counselor Anya Revah-Politi, MS, CGC, and event host Edgar Gil Rico from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (NAHH).

This event is offered in partnership with NAHH and the NNLM Reading Club.

How to Watch

Watch the event on YouTube (36:25):

Accessibility: English Closed Captioning, American Sign Language

About Genomics: A Revolution in Health and Disease Discovery

Over the past 50 years, scientists have made incredible progress in applying genetic research to human health care and disease treatment. Innovative tools and techniques, including gene therapy and CRISPR-Cas9 editing, can treat inherited disorders that were previously untreatable or prevent them from happening in the first place. You can take a DNA test to learn where your ancestors are from. Police officers can use genetic evidence to identify criminals or innocents. Some doctors are using new medical techniques for unprecedented procedures.

Genomics: A Revolution in Health and Disease Discovery delves into the history, science, and ethical implications of recent breakthroughs in genetic research. Authors Whitney Stewart and Hans C. Andersson, MD, present fascinating case studies showing how real people have benefitted from genetic research. Though the genome remains full of mysteries, researchers and doctors are working hard to uncover its secrets and find the best ways to treat patients and cure diseases. The discoveries to come will inform how we target disease treatment, how we understand our health, and how we define our very identities.

--From Publisher Site (Link)

About the Author Talk Speakers

  • Whitney Stewart, Author, Nonfiction author for young readers. Mindfulness teacher for kids.
  • Hans C. Andersson, MD, Author, Karen Gore Chair of Human Genetics and Director of the Hayward Genetics Center at Tulane University Medical School
  • Anya Revah-Politi, MS, CGC, Assistant Professor of Genetic Counseling at Columbia University Institute for Genomic Medicine

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This event is in collaboration with the NIH All of Us Research Program, which is inviting one million or more people across the U.S. to help build one of the most diverse health databases in history. Researchers will use this data to learn how our biology, lifestyle, and environment affect health to help personalize medicine in the future. Learn more about this historic program here:

This event is supported by funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health under cooperative agreement number UG4 LM012346-05S1 at the University of Iowa, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences.

Additional Resources

Dr. Hans C. Andersson’s research at Tulane University Medical School (YouTube; 2:59)

Tulane Hayward Genetics Center (Instagram)

Whitney Stewart’s website

Genomic Traits Flyer (PDF, 1.8 MB): This illustrated flyer highlights genetic trait information All of Us participants may receive.

Genomics General Information Flyer (PDF, 764.4 KB): This flyer discusses genomics at a high level.

Genomic Ancestry Flyer (PDF, 2.51 MB): This flyer educates potential All of Us participants on the difference between ethnicity and genetic ancestry.

Spotlight on Anya, Revah-Politi, MS, CGC
How can genetics tell us about our health? When should we get a genetics test? Learn more from a genetic counselor at Columbia University. (12:48)

Spotlight on Hans C. Andersson, MD
Dr. Andersson reflects on the history of human genetics research, a field he has worked in for decades. (4:16)

Spotlight on Whitney Stewart
Learn how the book, Genomics: A Revolution in Health and Disease Discovery, came to be from co-author, Whitney Stewart! (9:35)

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