All Our Voices: Conversations about Health & Wellness

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A Toolkit for Libraries & Community-Centered Storytelling from NNLM & StoryCorps

The All Our Voices toolkit was created in partnership between the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) and StoryCorps as part of NNLM’s national initiative to support awareness of the All of Us Research Program (All of Us). In partnership, StoryCorps and NNLM support the power of libraries in their role as disseminators of health information and offer these tools to preserve the rich diversity of health experiences through the stories of people from across the United States.


Conversations about health and wellness are a meaningful way to build connection, support, and understanding among community and family—whether the conversation is recorded or not. Considering the lack of diverse representation in recorded history and in medical research, the All Our Voices toolkit aims to expand the conversation and inspire people to tell their health and wellness stories, in their own voices.

We hope you’ll use the resources in this toolkit to create a culture of listening and sharing around health and wellness topics in your community.

With this toolkit, you will be able to:

  • Give patrons and community members— particularly those underrepresented in biomedical research—free digital tools to record, share, and preserve their health and wellness stories, in their own voices
  • Join libraries across the country to contribute to the growing collection of health stories in the StoryCorps Archive by submitting recordings via the StoryCorps App.
  • Offer engaging virtual or in-person programming at your library, including hosting a listening event to elicit dialogue about health and well-being and the importance of participating in biomedical research.

Why libraries?

  • Libraries are community hubs and know their local communities. As a “third place” where patrons spend time outside of home and work, they provide space for community activities, other technology and access to digital information, and support lifelong learning.
  • Libraries provide access to trusted health information for library users of all ages, which can aid in patrons’ decision-making about their health and that of their loved ones.
  • Libraries create and enhance local networks for disseminating health information and addressing the health needs of their communities.

Feedback is appreciated and can be submitted using this form. For questions, please email the NNLM All of Us Program Center at

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