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Host a screening of The Human Trial

The NNLM All of Us Program Center (NAPC) and the All of Us Research Program present a month-long screening opportunity for libraries and organizations across the US.

Host a free online or in-person screening of the 2022 documentary film, The Human Trial, for your community. This opportunity is open to all NNLM members (free to sign up).

The Human Trial peels back the headlines to show the sweat, passion, and sacrifice poured into medical breakthroughs. It interweaves the stories of the patients--who have borne the physical and financial burdens of type 1 diabetes (T1D)—with the researchers who epitomize the struggle of innovating cures. Director Lisa Hepner—whose own T1D fuels her search for a cure—becomes the bridge between these two worlds, The narrative arc is the clinical trial itself.

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Meet filmmaker, Lisa Hepner

On April 4th, join us on YouTube for a thought-provoking virtual conversation on the research-patient paradigm and the importance of diverse participation in clinical research with panelists, including filmmaker, Lisa Hepner. This event is in partnership with the American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD).

Director’s Statement:

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 21, I was told the cure was five years away: “Stay strong the cure is on the horizon.” But thirty years later, I’m still waiting. While I was busy trying to outrun my disease, it was wreaking havoc on my organs. Now I’m dealing with the complications of hiding behind the façade of normalcy. Alarmingly, 6.7 million people have diabetes in 2021 alone. That's the population of Madrid.

As our film shows, it doesn’t have to be this way. The cure for type 1 diabetes is no longer an empty promise that’s “five years away.” There’s reason to be hopeful if we support pioneering research in a meaningful way.

Human Trials

Just want to watch?

Watch The Human Trial on-demand from March 28th – April 28th, 2023 for free.




Human Trials

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