Research Literacy & Community Science

Community Science helps accelerate research and discovery, and increases our understanding of the world. As we face global challenges, there are local ways for us to be engaged in issues that affect our community health, environmental health, human genetics, technology, and innovation.

Community Science creates opportunities for collaboration between scientists and community members who are curious or concerned, and motivated to make a difference. This approach allows anyone to participate in science and research, by learning about and following data collection, analysis and reporting protocols, and having fun in the process.

Test the Waters Kit

Test the Waters Family Exploration Kit

How can public libraries support their community to engage with and participate in research?

The NNLM All of Us Program Center’s (NAPC) programs and services can help you strengthen the capacity of your community to understand and contribute to research, including how to support community-lead research projects and educate your community about participating in research programs like All of Us.

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