Cervical Health Awareness Month Toolkit

Traditionally, health care has taken a one-size-fits-all approach in developing treatments and strategies for the “average” person - but these strategies may not work well for individual people, because everyone is unique. For example, did you know that women of color are at a 30% greater risk of cervical cancer, and are advised to seek more regular screenings? This is an example of how a Precision Medicine approach is more effective; taking into account a person’s environment (where they live), lifestyle (what they do), family health history and genetic makeup can give health care providers the information they need to make customized recommendations for people of different backgrounds, ages, and regions.

There’s a catch!

Precision Medicine can only be effective for everyone if we make data from people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles available for biomedical research. Some groups of people have not been included in research in the past, including racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, and people with disabilities. This means researchers know less about their health today, and that is one reason people in some communities have more health problems than others. The All of Us Research Program is working to support Precision Medicine in this way, by building a diverse database that can inform thousands of studies on a variety of conditions.

  • Use this toolkit to create awareness in your community, help your patrons understand the importance of supporting Precision Medicine, and how they can contribute to research programs like All of Us.
    • Print the one-page information sheet to share during a health observance, like Cervical Health Awareness Month in January.
    • Share the graphics on your digital displays and social media.
    • Enhance your information-sharing with reliable resources like MedlinePlus, Myhealthfinder, and CDC.
    • Use these resources in health-related programs in your library. We can connect you with health provider organizations in your area who can offer tailored presentations about health-related topics that support Precision Medicine and help people learn about and engage with All of Us. Send us an email to talk about your needs for partnership.
    • Use the Spanish-language versions of these resources to engage the Spanish-speaking members of your community in health information awareness. If you’re interested in reaching people in other languages, contact us.

One-page Information Guide

Image Resources

Open pack of cigarettes

Hand holding pack of birth control pills

Woman of color with text '30% more likely'

Hand holding a condom

Four pregnant women cradling their bellies

Arm with bandage and a thumbs up sign

Four out of images of people in color, one in shadow representing 4 out of 5 adults contracting HPV

Diagram of the internal female reproductive system with a cluster of cancer cells on the cervix

Image of a microscope

Depiction of a phone home screen with an alert set as “Schedule Pap Test/HPV screening”

Two bandages making an 'x'

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