Cervical Health Awareness Month Toolkit

January is Cervical and Thyroid Health Awareness Month. This toolkit includes icons, infographics and a one-page information guide that you can use in online promotions to create awareness for cervical health.

One-page Information Guide

Image Resources

Open pack of cigarettes

Hand holding pack of birth control pills

Woman of color with text '30% more likely'

Hand holding a condom

Four pregnant women cradling their bellies

Arm with bandage and a thumbs up sign

Four out of images of people in color, one in shadow representing 4 out of 5 adults contracting HPV

Diagram of the internal female reproductive system with a cluster of cancer cells on the cervix

Image of a microscope

Depiction of a phone home screen with an alert set as “Schedule Pap Test/HPV screening”

Two bandages making an 'x'

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